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  1. The Fenn Treasure is a treasure reportedly worth over a million dollars supposedly hidden by art dealer and author Forrest Fenn in the Rocky Mountains.Many people believe that the treasure is located in Yellowstone
  2. The following is a collection of facts about the hidden treasure of Forrest Fenn. I realize fact is a pretty strong word. Some people may not think it is fact Forrest Fenn has hidden a million dollar (or more) treasure
  3. Forrest Fenn Treasure Map High Resolution JPG Treasure Map: The treasure map below was provided in Forrest Fenn's book Too Far To Walk, and is the most common map used by hunters
  4. Forrest Fenn, an author and multi-millionaire, created a treasure hunt that led to the deaths of three amateur treasure seekers

And finally, under the cracked plastic of a Neil Diamond 1970 live Gold CD was a signed copy of an unpublished manuscript by Forrest Fenn himself New Mexico multimillionaire Forrest Fenn is excited about having you find a treasure worth millions — and apparently you are, too

A Lifetime of Collecting. The urge to collect started for Forrest Fenn at age nine when he found his first arrowhead. It was just lying there in a plowed field on Little Elm Creek in Central Texas, waiting for him to come along. He still claims it is the most treasured object in his collection Apr 17, 2018 · The man who claims to have hidden the fortune back in 2010 is Forrest Fenn, now 87, a former Vietnam fighter pilot and art dealer Join Shelley Carney and Toby Younis as they discuss everything Fenn! Join the conversation by phone. Text your questions to 866-597-9901 to join the conversa.. In art dealer Forrest Fenn's memoir, a poem hints at the location of a treasure chest worth millions — and thousands have gone hunting for it Everything you need to know about the Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt. Featuring select quotes on WWWH, home of Brown, the Blaze, and much more. Includes the best clues and hints pertaining to the treasure hunt

The Thrill of the Chase [Forrest Fenn] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is the remarkable true story of Forrest Fenn's life and of a hidden treasure, secreted somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe Collector and author Forrest Fenn has released a new nugget of information about where he hid a treasure chest containing gold and jewels, in a video produced by the New Mexico Tourism Department The following poem is found in the book The Thrill of the Chase by Forrest Fenn. It is said to contain nine clues, and upon complete understanding, will lead a person to a bronze treasure chest filled with over a million dollars worth of treasure. This chest of riches has been placed. Forrest Fenn Treasure Community Page Tag @forrest.fenn in Photos of Your Search to be Featured Click the Link Below to Kickstart your Treasure Hunt! forrestfenntreasureguide.co

Mar 13, 2016 · The man behind the treasure is Forrest Fenn, an 85-year-old millionaire, former Vietnam fighter pilot, self-taught archaeologist, and successful art dealer in Santa Fe, N.M A Tennessee man believes that he has solved the mystery of the elusive Fenn treasure and plans to journey out to the American southwest soon to see if his suspicions are correct

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Money can't buy happiness but it can make a nice down payment, according to millionaire Forrest Fenn. Forrest Fenn. During the Great Recession, Forrest Fenn wanted to give people something to look forward to X Marks the Spot If You're Hunting for Forrest Fenn's Buried Treasure, Start Here. An annotated guide to The Thrill of the Chase, and to the best-selling author every hopeful hunter needs to. NOTE: Concerning the at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe clue that Forrest gave us. The clue was originally handed out in a comment Forrest made on a story Richard Saunier wrote for his blog Mountain Walk Forrest Fenn's Treasure Galore has 2,078 members. Welcome to our group of avid Treasure Hunters. We are serious about finding Forrest Fenn's Treasure...

Hot off the press... a new edition of Forrest Fenn's book, Once Upon A While, Revised. This revised third memoir showcases the original 39 mini-episodes in the life of Forrest Fenn, plus a new 40th story Feel free to post your own search stories here so others can tag along on your adventure. From Forrest, Introduce yourself, About Chase Chat, Road Conditions and Web Cams, Media Start Here, and 1 more I think this is a valid question any reader would ask. Sometimes, I just have to write, even if no one else ever reads my words. Sometimes, I find my thoughts racing through my head... words spewing from the keyboard as my fingers hit each key at a frenetic pace

forrest.fenn All of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem. The chapters in my book have very subtle hints but are not deliberately placed to aid the seeker Money can't buy happiness but it can make a nice down payment, according to millionaire Forrest Fenn. Forrest Fenn . During the Great Recession, Forrest Fenn wanted to give people something to. Forrest Fenn, a New Mexico antiquities dealer, says the location of his hidden treasure appears on this map, published in his book, Too Far to Walk, and that all the clues needed for its discovery are included in this poem, first published in his book, The Thrill of the Chase. Credit: Forrest Fenn

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  2. This is the riddle left by Forrest Fenn, who has challenged people to go out and find his hidden treasure by solving the riddle in poem. Additional clues have been released: The treasure is hidden above 5,000 feet sea level
  3. SANTA FE, N.M. — Tom Hoesten says he knows where Santa Fe art and antiquities collector Forrest Fenn hid his treasure and that there's a photograph that backs him up. Fenn says, in no.
  4. Forrest Fenn's treasure was absolutely, positively hidden in a mountain meadow outside Red River, but someone has already claimed it. Nah, says someone else: My solve fits your poem like a glove

From The Community. Try Prime Al In 2010, Forrest Fenn made two trips north out of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and into the Rocky Mountains. On the first journey, the art dealer carried with him a bronze Romanesque chest Cache #13: Scotty the Pirate's Lost Treasure- In ground but booklet still needs prepared ChaseChat - Forrest Fenn's Forum » Forum » General Discussion All new registrations need to be approved manually. After registration, mail me at tyblossom at aol dot com TL;DR I went hunting for Forrest Fenn's treasure in Yellowstone Park and you should too - it was an absolutely amazing and breathtaking experience. My only regret is that it took me almost 40 years to get out there - oh - and don't worry, we didn't find any treasure yet

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Daymon Gardner, Toby Pennington for Reader's Digest (Illustrations) Forrest Fenn with just a few of his collectibles and his dog, Willie Please don't say I buried it, says the email from. 7 records for Forrest Fenn. Find Forrest Fenn's phone, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online director

Art dealer Forrest Fenn in his Santa Fe home. Eight years ago, Fenn claims, he hid a treasure chest filled with artifacts, gold, and jewels somewhere in the Rocky Mountains An estimated 350,000 people have gone hunting for a treasure that former Vietnam fighter pilot and art dealer Forrest Fenn claimed to have hidden in the Rocky Mountains in 2010. However, all of. By Tim Binnall. Authorities in New Mexico have arrested a treasure hunter from Nevada for allegedly stalking author Forrest Fenn. Francisco Chavez was reportedly taken into custody yesterday after he visited Fenn's home over the weekend in the hopes of speaking to the man who famously claims to have hidden a massive cache of riches somewhere in the American southwest This book is the remarkable true story of Forrest Fenn's life and of a hidden treasure, secreted somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe Forrest Fenn receives emails almost daily saying the entire thing is a hoax. Fenn was accused of making the whole treasure hunt up by the ex-wife of Randy Bilyeu

A new, revised edition of Forrest Fenn's book, Once Upon A While, Revised. This revised third memoir showcases the original 39 mini-episodes in the life of Forrest Fenn, plus a new 40th story I'm sure not going to die in a hospital bed, Forrest Fenn likes to say, and at 82 years old his is not an idle promise. He has spent his life as a treasure hunter, a real-life Indiana. Author Forrest Fenn has published this picture of the treasure chest he says he has hidden in the Rocky Mountain West. A poem he's published is said to contain clues to the treasure's location

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  1. X Marks the Spot Clues for Finding Forrest Fenn's Buried Treasure, Part 2. If you're hunting for Forrest Fenn's buried treasure, our clues, Part 2
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  3. Posts about Colorado written by waterhigh. Forrest Fenn wants to get kids off the couch and out of doors. What does this news say about our culture when selfie stick & hashtag replace words like acorn and otter
  4. In 1988, Forrest Fenn was diagnosed with cancer. By then, he was already a local legend in his hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He'd arrived in the early '70s — a mysterious, square-jawed.
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  6. Really? A treasure chest hidden in the Rocky Mountains? Just solve the clues in his poem. About six weeks ago, I first visited Forrest Fenn's Old Santa Fe Trading Company's website
  7. It's exhilarating to get an email from Forrest Fenn, the 87-year-old retired antiques dealer from New Mexico who's responsible for one of the biggest and most controversial treasure hunts of the 21st century

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Wow. Really wow. I think Sacha is one bright gal. She's hit the bullseye a double bullseye! I am rarely impressed with the YouTube stuff on FF but this video made me stop and think. Forrest put two X Winold Reiss (1888-1953) by Forrest Fenn and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com Forrest Fenn said the hunt for his infamous buried treasure is out of control. In 2010, Fenn buried a small bronze chest, which contains a treasure estimated to be worth millions Forrest Fenn is the author of The Thrill of the Chase (3.73 avg rating, 173 ratings, 26 reviews, published 2010), Too Far To Walk (3.95 avg rating, 39 ra.. Discount prices on books by Forrest Fenn, including titles like Too Far to Walk. Click here for the lowest price

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In 2010, millionaire Forrest Fenn hid a treasure chest in the Rocky Mountains. Now, eight years later, no one has managed to solve Fenn's Instagram clue. Click to read more Hi Jenny, you have said that the encoded words by Forrest Fenn are very interesting. Without revealing the content of the message, are you able to please describe what about the words makes them interesting Jul 05, 2016 · But other searchers continued looking for a more material reward. Some people do not believe Mr. Fenn. They assert that he has made up the treasure story to sell more copies of his memoir, whose. Sometime around 2010, Forrest Fenn buried $3 million worth of treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Fenn published the secret to its location via a cryptic poem, which lured thousands out on a wild hunt to uncover the buried riches Additional clues added on May 8, 2016 are highlighted in bold lettering I created this thread in the hopes of helping fellow Forrest Fenn treasure seekers connect the dots and find the treasure

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  1. Forrest Fenn poses at his Santa Fe, N.M., home July 2014. The author and antiquities dealer has inspired thousands to comb remote corners of the West in search for a chest of gold and jewels.Luis.
  2. This video is about Forrest Fen. Did you know? Turn on looping for your embedded video so it will play over and over and over and over and over and you get the idea
  3. Hidden treasures are a recurring mystery in fiction and fairy tales. But this one is for real. Somewhere in the mountains and forests of the American west is a handsome bronze chest full of.
  4. The safe hunt for Forrest Fenn treasure. Support cancer research and Terry Fox Organization
  5. Where is Forrest Fenn's treasure hidden? Solution: The clues and answers to the riddle of the 'treasure poem' for the 'Thrill of the Chase' treasure hunt

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Forrest Fenn's hidden treasure sends searchers on a spiritual journey that should renew their faith and open their hearts to a larger life, according to a North Carolina woman who claims to have. It looks like we don't have any Biography for Forrest Fenn yet.. Be the first to contribute! Just click the Edit page button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Biography submission guide A. Edgar, your wording of the question prompts me to pause and wonder if I can answer it candidly, yet correctly. Were all the evidence truly known, and I answered in the positive, you might say I was prevaricating, by some definitions of the word

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In one of my recent Get Rich Slowly staff posts, I wrote about Forrest Fenn and his memoir, The Thrill of the Chase. My post, titled Want to get rich quick? Start looking for hidden treasure included details about the treasure hunt currently taking place in the mountains north of Santa Fe, New Mexico The hunt for a treasure chest said to contain millions in gold may have claimed its third victim. Eric Ashby, 31, went missing last month while searching for the treasure art dealer Forrest Fenn. Written by Reid with McG set to direct, Forrest's Treasure is described as a grounded, family drama with a flair for adventure inspired by David Kushner's upcoming book on the treasure of Forrest Fenn 4. Gimme Shelter. In just less than a year, Forrest Fenn, now a major in the Air Force, flew 328 combat missions in Southeast Asia. It was a grueling schedule at the very heart of the violence, and far more emotionally and physically demanding than anything he could have imagined

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  1. In 2010, art dealer Forrest Fenn hid a treasure chest filled with gold and jewels somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. He wrote a clue-filled poem and set a viral, deadly hunt in motion
  2. 23 Best Forrest Fenn images | Forrest fenn treasure, Treasure.
  3. How I Found: 1. Butte MT: Fenn mentioned butter twice in an interview.Butte in the word butter. Incidentally, when I get pine pitch on my hands I rub butter on the spots and that solves the problem

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Explore William Malbrough's board Forrest Fenn on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Forrest fenn treasure, Treasure hunting and Metal detecting A Freedom of Information Act request conducted by Montana's KULR-TV has revealed that Jeff Murphy, who died from a 500 foot fall in Yellowstone National Park last June, had been searching for a $2.

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We are happy to announce that the latest update to the Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn documents have been released. With over 50 new quotes and comments from Forrest and others added, it is time to get the most comprehensive collection of quotes and comments available for finding Forrest Fenn's hidden treasure Forrest Fenn is a Santa Fe, N.Mex. art dealer with a bustling, eight-room gallery, but one of his most prized acquisitions is a 36-inch alligator, Beowulf, who inhabits a pond on the gallery grounds The Everlasting Forrest Fenn Five years ago, a legendary art dealer left his home in Santa Fe, traveled to an undisclosed location somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, and hid a 42‑pound chest filled with priceless treasure Forrest Fenn, a successful Santa Fe art dealer whose self-published memoir hints at a buried treasure, has sent thousands of hunters to scour the New Mexico wilderness According to legend, the pirate Captain Kidd buried some of his treasure right on Long Island. But the search for hidden wealth stretches far and wide -- all to way out West

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Introduction to the Fenn Collection. The Forrest and Peggy Fenn collection of Native American artifacts is a mixed bag for sure. Most of the objects are those that are indigenous to the areas where they grew up In 2010, cancer-stricken millionaire Forrest Fenn buried a chest containing three million dollars worth of treasure somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe. Clues to the chest's whereabouts.