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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: condyle of the humerus [Condylus humeri] [Epicondylitis humeri medialis, Epicondylitis humeri ulnaris, Epicondylitis ulnaris. condylus lateralis femoris [TA] lateral condyle of femur: the lateral of the two surfaces at the distal end of the femur that articulate with the superior surfaces of the head of the tibia; called also external or fibular condyle of femur. Posterior view of right knee, showing the medial and lateral condyles of the femur and tibia. Medical.

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Die Anreicherung von Fraktur des distalen Endes des Humerus: Epicondylus medialis um die Synonyme erfolgt durch die Averbis GmbH mithilfe von Healthcare Natural Language Processing aus dem Bereich Machine Learning. Fraktur des Epicondylus medialis humeri Alle Angaben erfolgen ohne Gewähr. Fehler und Irrtümer vorbehalten How do you say Epicondylus medialis humeri? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Epicondylus medialis humeri on pronouncekiw Trying to learn Swedish? We can help! Memorize these flashcards or create your own Swedish flashcards with Cram.com. Learn a new language today Define condylus medialis. condylus medialis synonyms, condylus medialis pronunciation, condylus medialis translation, English dictionary definition of condylus medialis. Noun 1. medial condyle - a condyle on the inner side of the lower extremity of the femur condyle - a round bump on a bone where it forms a joint with.. Define condylus lateralis. condylus lateralis synonyms, condylus lateralis pronunciation, condylus lateralis translation, English dictionary definition of condylus lateralis. Noun 1. lateral condyle - a condyle on the outer side of the lower extremity of the femur condyle - a round bump on a bone where it forms a joint with..

OC lesions were evaluated on the head of the humerus (HH), condylus medialis humeri (CMH), head of the femur (HF) and the condylus medialis femoris (CMF). The histological examination assessed cartilage thickness, cartilage degradation and the vessel structure of cartilage canals condylus ~ jelentése, fordítása magyarul » DictZone Orvosi-Magyar szótár

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condylus humeri capitulum humeri trochlea humeri fossa radialis fossa coronoidea fossa olecrani epicondylus lateralis epicondylus medialis sulcus nervi ulnari A belső könyökdudor (latinul epicondylus medialis humeri) a felkarcsont (humerus) alsó-belső részén található. Nagyobb és jobban kiállóbb mint a külső könyökdudor (epicondylus lateralis humeri)

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EXSTREMITAS CRANIAL collum scapulae tuberculum majus humeri tuberculum minus humeri corpus humeri cond... KISI-KISI PRAKTIKUM UTS HISTOLOGI 2012 Sel ependim terdapat pada sediaan medulla spinalis pada canalis centralis 2 Der Epicondylus medialis humeri ist eine Knochenvorwölbung auf der medialen Seite des Oberarmknochens - gleich neben dem distalen Gelenkkopf (Condylus). Sie ist sehr gut durch die Haut tastbar. 2 Anatomie. Der Epicondylus medialis humeri ist kräftiger ausgeprägt als der Epicondylus lateralis humeri auf der Gegenseite

Start studying Surface Anatomy and Bones of The Upper Limb. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools Lääketieteen Sanasto: epicondylus medialis humeri. Termit: Olkaluun sisäsivunasta condylus − distální část. Hlavice [ upravit | ☲ editovat zdroj] Caput humeri je na mediální části kryta chrupavkou a tvoří hlavici ramenního kloubu. Těsně pod okraji chrupavky se nachází collum anatomicum (anatomický krček). Na laterální části jsou dva hrbolky: tuberculum majus − ventrálně, tuberculum minus. epicondylus medialis humeri çevirisi anlamı nedir nasıl telaffuz ediliz. epicondylus medialis humeri teriminin Türkçe İngilizce sözlükte anlamı (Anatomi. Contextual translation of condylus into Arabic. Human translations with examples: لُقْمَة, لُقْمَةٌ, لُقْمَةُ العَضُد, لُقْمَةُ القَذالِي

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Articulatio humeri: tuberculum majus of humerus caput humeri clavicula processus coracoideus (arthroplasty/ ligament transfer) Elbow, Articulatio cubiti: distal humerus (osteochondritis dissecans) (osteochondritis dissecans) condylus medialis / condylus lateralis caput radii (head of radius) processus coronoideus of ulna Hand, Wris The distal and proximal ends of femur (head of femur and condylus medialis femoris, respectively) and humerus (head of humerus and condylus medialis humeri, respectively) bones were sawn into longitudinal slabs encompassing both the articular cartilage and epiphyseal plate or growth plate Request PDF on ResearchGate | [Therapy of fracture of epicondylus medialis humeri (author's transl)] | The fracture of the medial epicondylus humeri is an injury tipical for the age of growth. It.

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65 corpus humeri - body of humerus 66 condylus humeri - condyle of humerus 67 fossa olecrani - olecranon fossa 68 epicondylus lateralis - lateral epicondyle 68' epicondylus medialis - medial epicondyle 69 caput radii - head of radius 70 tuberositas radii - tuberosity of radius 71 corpus radii - body of radius 72 trochlea radii - trochlea of. Epiphysis distalis Condylus humeri Capitulum humeri- lateral side Trochlea humeri- medial side Fossa radialis Fossa coronoidea Fossa olecrani. processus supracondylaris saptanarak, popülasyonumuzdaki s›kl›¤› % 1.44 olarak belirlenmifltir. Anahtar kelimeler:Processus supracondylaris, humerus, makroskopik anatomi SUMMARY Processus supracondylaris humeri Supracondylar process, a congenital variation of the distal humerus, arising from the anteromedial surface 5 cm proxi Case report Rehabilitasi Medis pada Malunion fraktur condylus lateralis 1. REFERAT & CASE REPORT REHABILITASI MEDIS PADA MALUNION FRAKTUR CONDYLUS LATERAL HUMERI DEXTRA Oleh: Kharima Sari Delia (J510155086) Muhammad Azwar (J510155087) Nurlaely Ameliasari (J510155051) Pembimbing: dr. Siswarni Sp. KF

PLANES AND DIRECTION OF THE BODY GENERAL OSTEOLOGY SKELETON OF THE SPINE AND THORAX 1. Lecture, DENTISTRY AUTUMN 2015 Caput x condylus Caput humeri Condylus medialis Request PDF on ResearchGate | [Fracture of condylus radialis humeri during skeletal growth (author's transl)] | A long term follow-up study of 54 fractures of the lateral condyle of the humerus.

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Looking for condylus occipitalis? Find out information about condylus occipitalis. An articular surface on the occipital bone which articulates with the atlas. A projection on the posterior border of an insect head which articulates with... Explanation of condylus occipitali The condylus tertius is of interest to the surgeon because it may result in a three-legged mechanism of head bearing, which can cause serious restrictions of head movement and even a bone derived torticollis Det forøgede tryk, fra Ulna på Condylus medialis humeri kunne give en forklaring på FCP og kissing lesions, men ikke UAP, tværtimod ville man kunne forvente, at der ville være en forøget ledspalte mellem den proksimale del af Incisura trochlearis og Trochlea på Humerus, men dette er ikke tilfældet (Morgan et al 2000) Study 8 Art genus - Ledbeskrivelse flashcards from Anne T. on StudyBlue

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crista fibularis relatively longer and joins corpus tibiotarsi more gradually; condylus medialis wider and longer in anterior aspect; tarsometatarsus—stouter overall; cotyla medialis less concave in acrotarsial aspect; acrotarsial surface of corpus tarsometatarsi more concave; in distal aspect, medial and lateral trochleae rotated more plantad 19 mm), outline of condylus lateralis perfectly cir-cular, its cranial rim more strongly inflated, whereas caudal rim not swollen at all, thus caudal half of the lateral surface even, not concave (Figs. 2, 3), on the condylus medialis the pit cranial to the epicondylus medialis relatively deeper and steeper Epicondylus medialis femoris information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues The condylus medialis is craniocaudally elongated, shorter than the lateral condyle (a plesiomorphic condition for Anseriformes sensuDe Pietri et al., 2016). The medial surface is relatively flat; the epicondylus medialis is low and lies slightly anterior to the cranial margin of the shaft. The margins of the condylus medialis are eroded

The spherical cap of the small cone is of platinum, so as not to melt by the action of the cylinder and blow-pipe, for the latter are placed upon the bottom of the iron tank in the midst of the helicoidal spiral, and the extremity of their flame will slightly touch the cap in question Epicondylus medialis en lateralis (femur) Tuberositas phalanges distalis. Tuberculum mediale en laterale (talus) Index. Tuberositas deltoidea. Os pubis

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  1. · Radialis → condylus medialis humeri. Insertio: ulnaris → metacarpal ke lima, radialis → metacarpal ke dua dan ketiga Adductor brevis → labium medial.
  2. condylus medialis and combined condyli lateralis and caudalis are long and thin, and converge laterally at an acute angle; the sulcus intercondylaris is moderately large, particularly on its medial half. The short, broad projection of the condylus lateralis extends anteriorly along the latera
  3. t a belső könyökdudor (epicondylus medialis humeri) . A könyökízület ligamentum collaterale radiale -jének biztosít eredési pontot, a hanyintó alkari izomnak (musculus supinator) és egy közös ínnak.
  4. Synonyms for condylus lateralis in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for condylus lateralis. 4 words related to lateral condyle: condyle, femoris, femur, thighbone. What are synonyms for condylus lateralis
  5. A csont könyök felőli végrésze kiszélesedik és bütyökben végződik (condylus humeri). A bütyök mediális oldalán a fossa radialis alatt a capitulum humeri ('a felkarcsont fejecskéje'), közepén orsó alakú rész (trochlea humeri) található. A condylust összefüggő ízületi porc fedi

Rx: Fraktur Condylus radialis Fracture of the radial condylus; Rx: Abriss Epicondylus medialis Avulsion fracture of the epicondylus medialis; Rx: Abriss Epikondylus medialis Avulsion of the medial epicondyle. Rx: Abriss Capitulum humeri Avulsion of the capitellum humeri. Rx: Proximale Ulnafraktur Proximal fracture of the ulna; Rx: Gelenkmaus. Contextual translation of humeri into English. Human translations with examples: humerus, stomach, anatomicum, radial fossa, renal pelvis, humeral head, shoulder joint The groove caudally separating the condylus medialis from the condylus lateralis in which the ligamentum cruciati cranialis runs is shallower and less rectilinear than in Ce. colossus. Measurements (mm): for TL, PW, SW, and DW, see Table 1; proximal depth: 11.4; minimum shaft circumference = 19.5. Tibiotarsu Zał.27. Zakład Anatomii Prawidłowej. 2017 / 2018 . PYTANIA BAZOWE . I SPRAWDZIAN PRAKTYCZNY. CZASZKA . ala major ossis sphenoidalis // greater wing of sphenoid bon

The surfaces of the tibiofemoral joint (femur: condylus medialis, condylus lateralis, facies patellaris; tibia: condylus medialis, condylus lateralis) and the shoulder joint (cavitas glenoidalis, caput humeri) obtained from a human cadaver were used for the testing. In addition, the caput mandibulae of a dried skull was used Synonyms for cone in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for cone. 6 synonyms for cone: cone shape, conoid, strobile, strobilus, cone cell, retinal cone. What are synonyms for cone near epicondylus medialis; axis of condylus medialis oriented diagonally rather than par- 58300 two humeri, uf 58548/ 58549 carpometacarpus, uf 58512 tarsometa The distal articular surface of the humerus (Condylus humeri) is divided into equally sized medial and lateral parts by a shallow sagittal groove. The flattened, medial part is the humeral trochlea (Trochlea humeri), while the rounded, lateral part is the humeral capitulum (Capitulum humeri) Marginea medială (Margo medialis humeri) se extinde de la creasta tuberculului mic până la epicondilul medial. Slab pronunțată în jumătatea proximală a corpului, marginea medială este clar vizibilă și ascuțită în jumătatea distală a lui

Condylus medialis humeri 167 Condylus radialis humeri 50, 162 Corpus scapulae 95 Dens epistrophei 234, 239 Ellbogen 160 Epicondylus medialis 132 Epiphyse allgemein 41, 44 Femur distal 299 Femur proximal 258 Femurschaft 272 Galeazzi 183, 220 Glenoid 95 Halswirbelsaule 233, 234 407 Handskelet 221 Humerus distal, T-Briiche 16 OS TIBIA 1. Condylus lateralis 2. Condylus medialis 3. Tuberositas tibiae 4. Facies medialis 5. Facies lateralis 6. Margo anterior 7. Margo interossea 8. Margo medialis 9. Malleolus medialis 10. Linea musculi solei 11. Facies posterior 12. Sulcus malleolaris 13. Facies articularis superior condyli lateralis 14. Facies articularis superior. Condylus medialis (tibia) Tuberculum conoideum. Epicondylus medialis (humeri) Formina intervertebralia. Incisura jugularis. Processus mimmillaris (lum) Caput radii And so without particularly analyzing all the contiguous sections of a cone and of the ranks of an army, or the ranks and positions in any administrative or public business whatever from the lowest to the highest, we see a law by which men, to take associated action, combine in such relations that the more directly they participate in performing the action the less they can command and the.

20 Caput humeri 21 Humerus 22 Epicondylus medialis 23 Epicondylus lateralis 42 Condylus lateralis 43 Epicondylus medialis 44 Condylus medialis 45 Linea asper anat. anatomical / anatomic neck of humerus [Collum anatomicum (humeri)] anatomischer Hals {m} anat. anatomical / anatomic neck of humerus [Collum anatomicum (humeri)] Collum anatomicum {m} anat. biol. lateral condyle of femur <LCF> [Condylus lateralis femoris] laterale Femurkondyle {f} <LFK> anat. biol. medial condyle of femur <MCF> [Condylus. Condylus med. Ostium canalis carotici Ostium canalis ophth. ext. Foramen v. occipitalis ext. orb. proc. Crista nuchalis transu Foramen n. max.mand. Fossa caudalis Foramen pneumaticum Cotyla lateralis proc. mandibulae medialis Cotyla medialis dentale symphysialis mand. ma nd. proc coronoideus rostr. caud. Pars Fenestra et Fenestra Proc. mandibula muskulus pronator teres: Epicondylus medialis humeri ile ön kol kemiğinin üst-orta arasında seyreden kas. Epicondylus medialis humeri ile ön kol kemiğinin üst-orta arasında Devamını Oku; condylus medialis: Kondilus mediyalis Devamını Oku; pedunculus cerebellaris medialis: Pedünkülüs serebellaris mediyalis Devamını Ok

epicondylus lateralis humeri [TA] lateral epicondyle of humerus: a projection from the distal end of the humerus, giving attachment to a common tendon of origin of the extensor carpi radialis brevis, extensor digitorum communis, extensor digiti minimi, extensor carpi ulnaris, and supinator muscles I människokroppen kan armens eller den övre extremitetens skelett indelas i skuldergördel (cingulum membri superioris) som består av nyckelben och skulderblad (), överarm med överarmsbenet (), underarm (antebrachium) som består av armbågsbenet och strålbenet och handen (manus) som kan uppdelas i handlov (), mellanhand och fingrar (digiti) I praktiken kan knäleden betraktas som tre sammansatta leder: Två kondylärleder mellan lårbenets två kondyler (condylus lateralis et medialis femoris) och motsvarande menisker (meniscus lateralis et medialis) och kondyler (condylus medialis et lateralis tibiae) på skenbenet. En tredje led finns mellan knäskålen och lårbenet

Articulatio humeri: tuberculum majus of humerus --caput humeri --clavicula --processus coracoideus - (arthroplasty/ ligament transfer) Elbow, Articulatio cubiti: distal humerus (osteochondritis dissecans) (osteochondritis dissecans) condylus medialis / condylus lateralis --caput radii (head of radius) --processus coronoideus of ulna --Hand. Doch ist der Extensor antebrachii et tarsi tibialis nicht bei allen Urodelen zweigeteilt. 1) Nach der syntropistischen Anschauungsweise entspricht der Epi- condylus lateralis humeri dem Epicondylus medialis femoris und umgekehrt. OSTEOLOGY • • Fascies anterolateralis Fascies anteromedialis • Fascies articularis carpalis • Fascies posterior OSSA CARPI Upper limb • Sulcus nervi radialis (dari proximolateral) • Condylus humeri • Os scaphoideum Capitulum humeri CLAVICULA • • Os lunatum • Trochlea humeri • Os triquetrum • Ekstremitas sternalis • Epicondylus lateralis • Os pisiforme • Corp us.

Literary usage of Condylomas. Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature: 1. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences by Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (U.S.) (1911 sura intercondylaris relatively wide (condylus medialis and condylus lateralis relatively narrow). Sternum (Fig. ventral and separate it more from corpus humeri Acosta Hospitaleche et al. 2007). The condylus medialis is rounded with a small The condylus dorsale continues toward the extremitas depression in the centre of the medial surface. The distalis humeri constituting a radial condyle like a wide condylus lateralis is eroded and the trochlea fibularis is platform Na donjem kraju nalazi se srednji dio sa zglobnim tijelima, zglavak (lat. condylus humeri), i medijalni (lat. epiconylus medialis) i lateralni nadzglavak (lat. epiconylus lateralis). Zglavak čine glavica ramene kosti (lat. capitulum humeri) i valjak (lat. trochlea humeri). Glavica služi kao zglob sa palčanom kosti, a valjak sa lakatnom kosti

Study Nomenclature Osteology (Excl. Os Cranii) [COMPLETE] flashcards from 's class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. Learn faster with spaced repetition A. coronaria sin Ramus interventricularis paraconalis Ramus circumflexus sin ramus interventricularis subsinosus (ru, car) A. coronaria dex. Ramus circumflexus de The accuracy of joint surface models constructed from data obtained with an electromagnetic tracking device L.J. van Ruijven*, M. Beek, E. Donker, T.M.G.J. van Eijden Department of Functional Anatomy, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), Meibergdreef 15, 1105 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands Accepted 21 November 1999 Abstrac

Thema 4 palpatie condylus lateralis / medialis tibia - Duration: 75 seconds. Oom Thim Thema 3 palpatie Capitulum humeri - Duration: 41 seconds. Oom Thim. 4 years ago Oom Thim uploaded a. The pons supratendineus is narrow. The medial tuberositas retinaculi extensoris is situated far proximally. The condyli have about equal depth, but the (damaged) condylus medialis is mediolaterally much narrower than the condylus lateralis. The trochlea cartilaginis tibialis is proximodistally wide and shallow -caput humeri collum anatomicum collum chirurgicum tuberculum majus tuberculum minus -corpus humeri tuberositas deltoidea (úpon m. deltoideus) -condylus humeri epicondylus medialis epicondylus lateralis trochlea humeri capitulum humeri fossa coronoidea fossa radialis fossa olecrani ULNA (lakťová kosť) -proximálna epifýza olecrano Condylus humeri Capitulum humeri Trochlea humeri Fossa olecrani Fossa coronoidea Fossa radialis Epicondylus medialis Condylus medialis Condylus laterali 2. Articulatio genus antara condyli femoris dan condyli tibiae dan meniscus lateralis dan medialis (patela). Gerakan yang timbul adalah : • Fleksi-ekstensi tungkai bawah (aksis transversal melalui condylus lateralis dan medialis femoris). • Endo-eksorotasi tuungkai bawah (aksis longitudinal melalui condylus medialis tibiae ke melleolus.

Na donjem kraju nalazi se srednji dio sa zglobnim tijelima, zglavak ramene kosti (lat. condylus humeri), te medijalni nadzglavak ramene kosti (lat. epiconylus medialis) i lateralni nadzglavak ramene kosti (lat. epiconylus lateralis). Zglavak čine glavica ramene kosti (lat. capitulum humeri) i valjak ramene kosti (lat. trochlea humeri) SUSUNAN OTOT ANGGOTA BADAN ATAS. Otot-otot dari bagian belakang batang badan; a) M. trapezius. O: Protuberentia occipitalis externa, linea nuchae superior, septum nuchae, processus spinosus vert. Prominens, processus spinosi semua vert. thoracale Auricular surface Ramus superior ossis pubis Upper branch of pubic bone Ramus from RWR fref at Audencia Nantes Ecole de Managemen Ulna på Condylus medialis humeri kun-ne give en forklaring på FCP og »kissing lesions«, men ikke UAP - tværtimod vil-le man kunne forvente, at der ville være en forøget ledspalte mellem den prok-simale del af Incisura trochlearis og Tro-chlea på Humerus, men dette er ikke tilfældet (6). At albueledsdysplasi hos hund skylde

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Corpus humeri Crista humeri Tuberositas deltoidea Sulcus m. brachialis Tuberositas teres major Crista epicondyli lateralis [=Crista supracondylaris lateralis] Condylus humeri Trochlea humeri Fossa olecrani Fossa radialis Foramen supratrochleare (ca) Epicondylus medialis Foramen supracondylare (fe) Epicondylus lateralis • Radiu from the Oligo-Miocene of Riversleigh, Northwestern Queensland, Australia WALTER E. BOLES Terrestrial Zoology, Australian Museum, 6 College Street, Sydney NSW 2010, Australia, and School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of New South Wales NSW 2052, Australia walterb@austmus.gov.au ABSTRACT. Flightlessness in birds. • Condylus humeri lateralis (15) ve medialis isimli iki yumrunun birleşmesinden oluşan alt uca troclea humeri denir. • Trochlea'nın caudalindeki pürtüklü kas yapışma çıkıntılarına epicondylus lateralis (12) ve medialis denir. • Caudal yanda iki condylus arasındaki derin çukurluğa fossa olecrani denir

Tělo plynule přechází v distální konec, který se příčně rozšiřuje ve válcovitý condylus humeri, který má dvě části - vnitřní kladku (trochlea humeri), která nese kloubní plochu pro spojení s loketní kosti, a zevně kulovitou hlavičku (capitulum humeri), která se spojuje s kost unutrašnja ivica (lat. margo medialis) Donji kraj. Na donjem kraju nalazi se srednji dio sa zglobnim tijelima, zglavak (lat. condylus humeri), i medijalni (lat. epiconylus medialis) i lateralni nadzglavak (lat. epiconylus lateralis). Zglavak čine glavica ramene kosti (lat. capitulum humeri) i valjak (lat. trochlea humeri) condylus csontnyúlványa. condylus feletti csontnyúlvány. csontbütyöknyúlvány (condylus feletti izomtapadásra) csontnyúlvány. epikondílusz. epicondylus lateralis femoris: külső combcsonti dudor. epicondylus lateralis humeri: felkarcsont oldalsó bütyke. epicondylus medialis: felkarcsont középső bütyke. epicondylus medialis.